Sven Tour 2019

At the end of April, I was invited to go on a 5 date tour with Sven as a photographer and a videographer. The tour consisted of 5 dates around the south coast of the UK, and my role was to take on and off stage photos for the band to use on social media. The band played in Cheltenham, Canterbury, Portsmouth, Brighton and Reading. I also shot, directed and edited an accompanying tour documentary summarising the tour, which is above.

Stories Of Our Engines: Canadian Pacific

During my first year of University, I created a short film about the flagship locomotive "The Canadian Pacific" at The Mid Hants Railway "The Watercress Line" in Eastleigh. In a group with 2 other students, together we filmed video and audio for the project but made our own story and video edit from the shared clips we recorded. My main role in the group was recording video and interviewing the respondents.


For my A Level Film Studies coursework, I had to create a 5 minute informative documentary. I chose to focus on the development and evolution of American Hardcore and Punk music over the last 40 years. I had to film all of the interviews myself, and used archive footage from filmmakers and videographers of the scene over in the US. I had to edit it all together to create a coherent and educational short film. 

PVRIS - Fire Music Video

For my A Level Media Studies coursework, I had to recreate a Music Video in groups. We had to pick the song, think of a narrative for the video and include performance elements as well. My role in my group was performing in the performance shots, filming the narrative shots and assisting in editing the video together. 

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